BOGO 100ml Strawberry Fruit Spread
Strawberry Spread on toast

BOGO 100ml Strawberry Fruit Spread

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Like you picked them yourself, without the trip to the chiropractor. Yum!


A taste of summer!

Hang on to the taste of summer a little longer...try this on warm biscuits with a dollop of fresh cream. Strawberry spread has a little less sugar and a lot more berries to help you with those summer memories, and those everyday mornings when a little jam on your toast can go a long way with the coffee.

Truthfully the idea to make strawberry jam was when we first had too many strawberries, at the local farmers market. Fresh berries are only fresh for one day... at the end of the day you need to do something very quickly, before we knew it we were in another business, and at the time it took us a while to realize that the jams and spreads would become our business instead of the fresh marketing of the fruits and vegetables, but we listened to our customers on this one, and thankfully they were right as usual !

We start with fresh strawberries and mash them up a bit. This releases the flavour and juices, and allows them to pour into the jar easier, and bottling becomes a much easier process. A little sugar acts as a natural preservative, and the natural pectin helps to keep each batch a consistent texture and set.

All our spreads are fabulous on fresh breads and toast, or bagels. Try them in recipes like thumbprint cookies, or any other cookie or square recipe that calls for jam. You can also use a little to spark up some plain yogurt in a much more healthy way than the sweetened yogurts.

Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, fruit pectin.