Galloping for Over 27 Years

First things first: What’s the meaning behind the name Galloping Cows?

Ron and Joanne's dairy farm dreams hit a snag just two days before their wedding when Joanne's father decided he was too young to retire. Full-time retirement and golfing weren't his cup of tea. Despite cows being notoriously bad at galloping (it messes with their milk mojo), the idea of happy heifers skipping around in the spring just tickled Joanne. Picture this: a trailer-turned-market on Route 19 in Port Hood, with no name days away from opening. Then it hit her: "Galloping Cows!" The inspiration? A university project where Joanne snapped a picture of a joyous bovine mid-gallop. And voilà, the fun-filled name was born!


Discover Galloping Cows Fine Foods, where culinary excellence meets sustainability. Our pepper jellies, fruit spreads, chutneys, and salsa are perfect for cheese and charcuterie boards. We've partnered with local farmers for nearly three decades to ensure freshness in every jar. Our products are inspired by the fruits and vegetables grown in fields and surrounded by untouched forests swept by ocean breezes. 

Sustainable, vegan, gluten-free, no dyes, MSG, preservatives, or synthetic sugars. Produced in a federal and HACCP-certified facility. We uphold quality and authenticity from our market garden roots to gifting our Pepper Jellies and Brandy Cranberry Marmalade at the Oscars, Golden Globes, and TIFF.