Rhubarb Jam 250ml

Rhubarb Jam 250ml

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EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOR: We love the rhubarb's tart flavour, which turns the jam a pretty shade of pink. Like the rhubarb that thrived next to every home, our jam captures the essence of early spring with its vibrant flavour and nostalgic charm.

All-Natural Clean Ingredients: This gourmet jam is made from farm-fresh rhubarb, spring water, natural fruit pectin, and just enough sugar to activate the pectin. 

SERVINGS: 100ml glass jar 

HOW TO USE: Savour a generous spoonful blended with cottage cheese for a delightful treat, or indulge by generously layering over warm buttermilk scones and finishing with a dollop of cream – genuinely divine! Elevate pan-seared duck with a luscious glaze. For a gourmet pairing, complement with brie or Délice de Bourgogne. Spread over toast for a simple yet indulgent snack. Additionally, try them in recipes like thumbprint cookies or any other cookie or square recipe that calls for jam. Elevate plain yogurt by stirring in a dollop for a healthier, flavour-packed twist.

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