Cranberry Pepper Spread

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Dare to be Different

Dare to be different with our blend of sweet cranberries and zesty jalapenos. Try our exciting take on an old Thanksgiving favourite. I always had this vision of cranberries and hot peppers together and it was a winner from the very first batch. Cranberries are so robust and full of flavour, they literally bust and release an intense cranberry aroma when we boil the batches.

We use locally grown cranberries. They actually grow all over Nova Scotia, but some of the larger cranberry bogs are located on mainland Nova Scotia, and the bulk of our cranberries come from there. They are washed and put in the pot along with a blend of hot peppers, and a little spring water. We run the cranberries through the food processor because we want more of a "jelly" but yet do not want to strain out all the berries and peppers.

Check out our recipes for roast turkey or roast chicken, but this pepper spread is ideal, used sparingly on a chicken breast or roast beef sandwich.

All pepper jellies are wonderful over cream cheese, brie, or camembert. Choose some assorted crackers and breads, and you have a very easy appetizer. Use pepper spreads in any pepper jelly appetizer recipe, like the ones using phyllo pastry, or put a drop of pepper jelly on top of your favourite appetizer for more punch.

All Natural, Handcrafted

Ingredients: peppers, sugar, vinegar, cranberries, fruit pectin.