Classic Oscar Box

Classic Oscar Box

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Galloping to the Oscars with Bells On!

"Lights, Camera, Action!" is how you may expect this story to start whereas in reality it was more "What? Us? HOLLYWOOD!?". The shock was very real when Joanne Schmidt owner of Galloping Cows Fine Foods received the call from Hollywood inviting her and Galloping Cows products to be part of the Oscars Gifting Suite.

Oscar Box Includes:

  • 120ml Strawberry Spread
  • 120ml Wildeberry Spread
  • 120ml Strawberry Rhubarb Spread
  • 120ml Gravenstein Apple Butter
  • 120ml Brandy Cranberry Marmalade 
  • 120ml Peach Melody
  • Our story of being invited to the Oscars Gifting Suite 
  • Gift wrapped with bow
  • Christmas card

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