Wild Blueberry Pepper Spread

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The Time is Right

I had pictured this pepper spread for years, but waited for a while until I thought the "time" was right for it. It's dark blue heavenly color is divine on cheeses, but it is also wonderful to cook with. This is my new personal favourite but it has more heat than most of our pepper spreads, but is not as hot as the "hot" jalapeno.

We use Canada #1, wild Nova Scotia grown blueberries for this pepper spread. These wild blueberries are so good for you, they are high in antioxidants, and deliver an intense color and flavour. We simply combine these decadent berries with lots of finely chopped peppers including jalapenos, and some vinegar and sugar. Simple ingredients can produce outstanding products!

All pepper jellies are wonderful poured over cream cheese, brie, or Camembert. Choose some assorted crackers and breads, to go with it, and you have a very easy appetizer. You can also use pepper spreads in any pepper jelly appetizer recipe, like the ones using phyllo pastry, or put a drop of pepper jelly on top of your favourite appetizer for more punch!

Ingredients: peppers, sugar, vinegar, wild blueberries, fruit pectin.