Wild Blueberry Spread
Wild Blueberry Spread on a spoon
Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread 250ml

Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread 250ml

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Our provincial berry (Wild Blueberries) without the bug bites and the backaches. you're welcome!

Nothing Fancy Wild Blueberry Jam

Wild Blueberries preserved with the fresh essence of lemons-gentle flavour has never tasted so fabulous. We did not start out making this flavour. There used to be lots of ladies that still made wild blueberry jam for the church auctions and bazaars, so there was never a need, but gradually over time, there became a demand. Now it is one of our biggest sellers to tourists that come to Nova Scotia since the wild Blueberry is our provincial berry.

The idea to produce wild blueberry jam came from our customers and tourists who visited us. We were constantly asked for it... so we did what we always do... make from scratch a true blueberry jam with nothing fancy in it and no ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

We keep everything very simple here. Only the best #1 Nova Scotian certified wild blueberries ever make it into our commercial kitchen, (or into our home for that matter !!) We are very fussy about everything, even the water that goes in with the berries. It is pure spring water, but we also have it filtered and run past a UV light to make sure it is always ultra safe. We are very lucky to have a wonderful source of water, when we decided to build this commercial kitchen, we wanted to have an excellent fresh source of water... and we got lots of it !

All our spreads are fabulous on fresh breads and toast, or bagels. Try them in recipes like thumbprint cookies, or any other cookie or square recipe that calls for jam. You can also use a little to spark up some plain yogurt in a much more healthy way than the sweetened yogurts.

Ingredients: wild blueberries, sugar, fresh squeezed lemon juice, natural spring water, fruit pectin.