Orange Pepper Spread

Orange Pepper Spread

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A fresh citrus flavour inspired this pepper spread. I wanted a brilliant color, and the fresh taste that you get when you bite into an orange, but with a zesty pepper and jalapeno kick. It partners brilliantly with seafood.

To make a brilliant jelly that is pure orange we use a 100% pure orange juice that has no additives. We add that to the carefully chopped blend of peppers. These come from different sources and are grown in Nova Scotia. The hottest peppers are brought in, and chopping them is a job each of us wants to avoid! The hot peppers can cause a rash on your skin, so we wear gloves and are very careful with them. They do make an awesome product when using a little at a time !!


The orange pepper spread is wonderful on a sandwich. Just layer the pepper jelly, roast beef, your favourite cheese, and mayo. Then toast the sandwich.

Toss the spread into your favourite seafood stir fry with some shrimp and white fish.


Ingredients: Peppers, sugar, orange juice concentrate, vinegar, fruit pectin.


1x 120ml Jar