Hot Jalapeño Pepper Spread

Hot Jalapeño Pepper Spread

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This delicious aromatic jelly will bring your meal to life. Mexican-Style. The hot pepper spread is the hottest of all the pepper jellies and was created for all those out there that we have met over the years who insisted that they wanted a "hotter" pepper jelly. It is not intended to burn but to have a pleasant "kick"..... much more than the others in the line.

The chopping of all the hot peppers does not get easier over the years... and nobody enjoys it, but it makes a fantastic product. There is no substitute that we have found for high quality great fruit and vegetables once they are preserved properly into the jar.

All pepper jellies are wonderful poured over cream cheese, brie, or camembert. Choose some assorted crackers and breads, to go with it, and you have a very easy appetizer. You can also use pepper spreads in any pepper jelly appetizer recipe, like the ones using phyllo pastry, or put a drop of pepper jelly on top of your favourite appetizer for more punch.

Ingredients: peppers, sugar, vinegar, fruit pectin, natural beet powder.