Pepper Spread Oscar Box
Pepper Spread Oscar Box
Pepper Spread Oscar Box

Pepper Spread Oscar Box

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Galloping to the Oscars with Bells On!

"Lights, Camera, Action!" is how you may expect this story to start, whereas, in reality, it was more "What? Us? HOLLYWOOD!?”. The shock was genuine when Joanne Schmidt, owner of Galloping Cows Fine Foods, received the call from Hollywood inviting her and Galloping Cows products to be part of the Oscars Gifting Suite. But let’s back up a little bit….we felt that we should develop a new marmalade with East Coast flavour. So the Brandy Cranberry Marmalade was born into fame; and went into local history as a part of both TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and the Golden Globes gifting suite in Beverly Hills. After that came the email inviting us to the Oscars gifting suite, which I really thought was fake. I did answer the third email thankfully; and off to Hollywood, we went in February, to meet and greet all the fabulous stars in our photo album. Fun fact - the Oscars are the only event that closes the streets down in Hollywood! 

Oscar Box can Include a random assortment of any of the following flavours:

  • 100ml Red Pepper Spread
  • 100ml Hot Jalapeno Pepper Spread
  • 100ml Cranberry Pepper Spread
  • 100ml Wild Blueberry Pepper Spread
  • 100ml Orange Pepper Spread
  • 100ml Garlic Pepper Spread
  • Our story of being invited to the Oscars Gifting Suite