Brandy Cranberry Marmalade - 120ML
Brandy Cranberry Marmalade
BOGO Cranberry Marmalade with Brandy

BOGO Cranberry Marmalade with Brandy

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EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOR: When our marmalade caught the attention of the discerning buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) gifting suite, we knew we had something special. Enhancing our beloved recipe with succulent cranberries and indulgent brandy, we created a masterpiece that delighted even the stars at TIFF. Its irresistible allure led to a coveted spot at the Golden Globes gifting suite. 

All-Natural Clean Ingredients: This gourmet marmalade blends cranberries, oranges, brandy, spring water, natural fruit pectin and just enough sugar to activate the pectin.

SERVINGS: 100ml glass jar 

HOW TO USE: Our marmalade effortlessly transitions with you throughout the day from breakfast to dinner and beyond. Begin your morning with a delightful spread on toast, elevate your family dinner by using it as a flavorful glaze for pork tenderloin, and indulge in its versatility as the perfect accompaniment on a charcuterie and cheese board for intimate gatherings and larger soirées.