BOGO Apple Pie Jam (Fruit Spread) 250ml
BOGO Apple Pie Jam (Fruit Spread) 250ml

BOGO Apple Pie Jam (Fruit Spread) 250ml

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INCREDIBLE TASTE: Three decades ago, we launched our apple butter, reminiscent of homemade apple pie, designed to evoke memories with every spoonful. Crafted from fresh apples, cooked on the stovetop into a thick, spreadable preserve, it encapsulates the essence of fall in every jar. Delight in apple pie's smooth, irresistible flavour without the guilt of excess fat and sugar. But don't just take our word for it—experience it yourself.

We're dedicated to inclusivity, ensuring our product is safe for diabetics. Hospital-tested and approved, its smooth texture is ideal for those with swallowing difficulties, ensuring everyone can savour the comforting taste of home.

All-Natural Clean Ingredients: This apple butter is made from farm-fresh apples, spices, spring water, natural pectin, and just enough sugar to set the pectin, as well as monocalcium phosphate.

SERVINGS: 100ml glass jar 

HOW TO USE: Explore a world of sweet and savoury culinary delights with apple butter as your secret ingredient. From muffins to cake, donuts to cheesecake, pulled pork to grilled cheese sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. Apple butter's versatility and rich flavour, infused with warm spices and delicate sweetness, elevate dishes beyond the ordinary spread on toast. Its smooth and creamy texture effortlessly spreads and blends into recipes, adding depth and character to every bite. Unleash your creativity and let apple butter transform your favourite dishes into culinary masterpieces.