120ml Red Pepper Spread

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Savour the Taste of Jalapeno

Savour the taste of jalapeno without all the heat. Mix it with a recipe that needs just a little more zip. The idea, and opportunity to make our first red pepper jelly was many years ago when we first started in business and were making a few jams. We were selling at a farmers market, and a customer had moved to the area from California, and asked for it. We did not know the product, but after much discussion decided to make a batch for her. The first few batches were not quite right, but finally we had it. Then our customer moved back to California! It took quite a while before pepper jellies became good sellers but now they are incredibly popular, especially with cheese trays!

We always use high quality fruit and vegetables. If we did not grow it, then we know the grower, and evaluate the fruit as it's washed and chopped. We believe that only high quality fruit can give a great product with a good shelf life, and are always very careful to produce something which we would want to eat.

The red pepper spread has the same level of heat as the cranberry and orange pepper spreads.

All pepper jellies are wonderful when poured over cream cheese, brie or camembert. Choose some assorted crackers and breads, and you have a very easy appetizer. Use pepper spreads in any pepper jelly appetizer recipe, like the ones using phyllo pastry, or put a drop of pepper jelly on top of your favourite appetizer for more punch.

Ingredients: peppers, sugar, vinegar, fruit pectin, natural beet powder.