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Galloping Cows Spreads & Jams

Hang on to the taste of summer a little longer... try our Strawberry Spread on warm biscuits with a dollop of fresh cream. Strawberry spread has a little less sugar and a lot more berries to help you with those summer memories, and those everyday mornings when a little jam on your toast can go a long way with the coffee.

Our Jams are fabulous on fresh breads and toast, or bagels. Try them in recipes like thumbprint cookies, or any other cookie or square recipe that calls for jam. You can also use a little to spark up some plain yogurt in a much more healthy way than the sweetened yogurts.

Or spice up your meal with our jaunty jellies which are available in genius flavours, like Hot Jalapeño, Red Pepper, Wild Blueberry and many more.

Dare to be different with our Cranberry Pepper Spread, a blend of locally grown sweet cranberries and zesty jalapenos or kick start your meal with our Garlic Pepper Spread, an aromatic blend of fresh garlic and crisp jalapenos. We use only the best ingredients, try to get local products or grow naturally by ourself.

We use for our Orange Pepper Spread 100% pure orange juice that has no additives and for the wild Blueberry/Cranberry spread only wild Nova Scotia grown blueberries or cranberries.

All pepper jellies are wonderful on cream cheese, brie, or camembert. Choose some assorted crackers and breads and you have a very easy appetizer. You can also use pepper spreads in any pepper jelly appetizer recipe, like the ones using phyllo pastry, or put a drop of pepper jelly on top of your favourite appetizer for more punch.