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Galloping Cows Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop is open daily in the summer months from 10am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 10am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday and 12am to 5pm on Sunday. During the winter we are open most days, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday and closed on Sunday.

As most of our customers have remarked over the years it is the smell and the sight of the hot jars of new jams, that greet them in the gift shop. It is combined with our packaging area, so you get to see the jars being hand labeled. The hot, freshly made preserves come from the kitchen to cool in the shop, and we have had many customers insist on a newly labeled “hot” jar! The smell wafts from the kitchen, and our shop may be small and crowded, but it is homey and flavorful!

The gift shop carries all our own products that are on the website and usually more products that are new or that we are trying out or introducing. We usually have more variety of gift packaging available in our gift shop, and can do custom orders as well. We welcome our guests from far and wide… While you shop, your spouse if free to walk the dog, use our free wifi, or play with your children on our lawn, or walk up the quiet rural road by our place, and enjoy the trees and freedom, just sit a spell, or join you.

The shop carries only Galloping Cows products, local honey and maple syrup. We carry many gift sets and variations that are not yet found in gift shops, and new types of jams or pepper spreads.

In the event that we are closed: you can find a display of our products locally at Port Hood Coop, Four Mermaids Gift Shop in Port Hood and Freshmart in Mabou.