• darkblurbg
Galloping Cows at the Oscars

The invitation for us to gift our products at the Oscar suite was such a surpise to us. It came on the heels of the TiFF event in Toronto, then the Golden Globes a few months later. Both of those events we sent our Brandy Cranberry Marmalade which we developed for the event. We did not attend personally due to the costs and being being busy working in the business at home. This whole experience was very new to us.

However the Oscars are the one event they shut down the streets of Hollywood for, so we attended and never looked back. The experience of meeting the stars and introducing them to our pepper spread gift set was fast, fun, and very "Rock Star - like", many of them travelled with an enterauge of handlers and promotion people, or family. Some collected product from the businesses for Charities. Each person was very different, but they were very nice, and usually very different from characters portrayed on both Reality shows and regular tv. We had a great experience there. So many of them were into great food, and well travelled.