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Beverages Concentrate and Fruit Sauces

Make pancakes lavish with our sumptuous fruit sauces. Drizzled them over steaming waffles, or on your favourite dessert. Our sauces make every dish simply decadent. Try any of our fruit and liqueur blends, like Peach with Grand Marnier, Strawberry and Wild Blueberry.

Do you know our Beverages Concentrate?

Who knew punch could be this refreshing? Mix your own inspiring drinks with our delicious mixes. Try any of our delicate flavours - they're perfect for every occasion. If it's just for you... Mix one part beverage concentrate with three or four parts ginger ale, tonic water or sparkling water. Adjust to taste.

If you're going to share... Mix one bottle with a two-litre bottle of ginger ale or tonic water in a punch bowl. Add ice and frozen berries for extra decadence. To really wow 'em, mix with a chilled sparkling white or rose wine.