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Interview with Joanne Schmidt
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The story about
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Only the best

For our prodcuts
we only use the best local grown
fruits and vegetables

Galloping Cows Fine Foods are shipped over the whole world

Whether you’re seeking simple, corporate gifts for an office exchange, or something more personal for a friend that’s near and dear to you, we’ve got the perfect gift basket, pepper jellies or fruit preserves to fit your needs.

A warm welcome from the Galloping Cows Family

Welcome to Galloping Cows Fine Foods. Our family business produces great tasting pepper jellies, jams, fruit sauces, beverage concentrates, salsa, and chutney, for your entertaining needs with friends and family. All of them will tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses. We specialize in fruits that are commonly grown in Nova Scotia.

Enjoy our carefully prepared nut free products that are all natural. We take great care in every recipe we produce from the fruit we use to the natural spring water used to prepare ingredients. Try our products, and enjoy them, or feel free to order a gift set for a friend or family member anytime of the year.

We are members of quality food and design programs such as Taste of Nova Scotia, Select Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton Craft and Design, and the Nova Scotia Council of Craft and Design.

Specialty Pepper Jellies

Spice up any meal with our jaunty jellies. These colourful and popular spreads are terrific with crackers and cream cheese or bagels. Try any of our genius flavours.

Gift Baskets

At Galloping Cows Fine Foods, we’re dedicated to creating delightful foods, thoughtful gifts and fresh treats, making it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Fresh Gourmet Pizza

Every Saturday afternoon we prepare our great Galloping Cows Pizza for you! Pick up a slice of Italy at our location in Port Hood.